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Related post: 17 15 17 TOTAL 34 41 ^September 1981, January 1982 and May 1982 Councils E. Transfer of Research Grant Applications to Other BIDs During the past year there has been an increase in the number of applications either primarily or solely assigned to NIAID which were transferred to other institutes because of their ability to fund the proposal. This increase in transfers has been a reflection of this Institute's funding capability, Sporanox Cost and does not relate to the relevance of the proposed research to Buy Sporanox the NIAID' s programmatic interests. The Acting Director of the Extramural Activities Program and the Institute's Referral Liaison have collaborated with Program staff in monitoring the status of applications which received priority scores falling beyond the Institute's payline. In this way we are best serving the interests of the principal investigator by negotiating transfers of assignment to the Institute most, capable of making the award. Implementation of transfers in a timely manner requires a cooperative exchange of information between involved NIAID extramural staff and our counterparts in other BIDs. Table III shows the number of applications transferred from NIAID to other BIDs for funding consideration in FY 1982. 11-4 TABLE III GRANT APPLICATIONS TRANSFERRED TO OTHER BIDs FOR FUNDING CONSIDERATION, FY 1982 Awarding BID Number CA 16 GM 8 HL 4 AM 3 AG 1 HD 1 TOTAL 23 F. Study of Priority Scores and Study Section Behavior In response to a recurring request by the Purchase Sporanox NAAID Council, the Assistant to the Acting Director, EAP, has continued to observe the scoring character- istics of DRG Study Sections. Tabular statistical data illustrating Study Section scoring patterns and the effect of priority score versus percentile ranking have been presented to the last five Councils. Council members have responded to Dr. Krause's presentation of the information with continued and growing interest. Scoring patterns have been developed for ten Review Groups which have approved twenty or more NIAID applications per Council round (ALY, BMl , EVR, 1MB, IMS, BM2, MBC, MG , TMP, VR). Deviation from the NIAID mean has been used as an indication of the degree to which these ten Study Sections are inclined to give priority scores of 175 or better to NIAID-assigned applications. A tabular Sporanox 100mg presentation of this data shows a random fluctuation both vertically; i.e., from Study Section to Study Section, and horizontally; i.e., from Council to Council, over the five Council rounds. A supplementary study was prepared in response to a request from a Council member and focused on the linear (horizontal) correlation among the voting patterns. Sporanox Tablets The technique of correlation analysis was applied to this information in order to determine any Cheap Sporanox real differences in these variations. Preliminary data shows that the degree Sporanox Buy Sporanox 200 Mg of correlation varies considerably among the ten Study Sections analyzed. The second part of this continuing study involves a comparison of the use of priority scores versus percentile ranking in making funding decisions. There is little difference in the total number of applications which would be funded by either of the two methods. Obviously the difference lies in the specific grant applications which would move inside or outside of the payline. This comparison illustrates that our current method of identifying selected programmatical ly relevant applications within 50 points beyond the payline for "Selective Payment" is perhaps still the preferred method of payment. 11-5 I. CONTRACT MANAGEMENT BRANCH The Contract Management Branch provides management services to the Institute's Research Program Sporanox Online including solicitation, negotiation, award, and administration of all Institute research contracts. The CMB continues to implement contract policies and procedures promulgated by higher procurement Sporanox Pulse authority. The CMB works very closely with the Program and Project Review Branch and the various NIAID Buy Sporanox Online Project Officers and provides contract management expertise necessary in order to continue to have an effective contract program. Through effective contract management, NIAID has continued to increase its percentage of competitive awards from 26.2% in FY Sporanox Price '78 and 37.3% in FY '79, to 60% in FY '80, to 67% in FY '81, and an estimate of 75% in FY '82. NIAID is one of the few Institutes which exceeded the competitive goals established by Order Sporanox Division of Contracts and Grants. Other accomplishments for FY '82 are: 1. Led all Institutes in competitive and scheduling goals for FY 81/82 which are established by PHS. 2. Even distribution of contract awards within the fiscal year. 3. Made contract awards in all three socioeconomic programs; 8(a), Small Business Administration and women-owned organizations. 4. Led all Institutes (in total percentage) in meeting the goals established by Division of Contracts and Grants in closing out of contracts. In FY '82, CMB received approval for 16 contract requests and issued about 549 requests for proposals to organizations which expressed interest. In response to the above advertisements, 59 proposals were received and 19 new competitive contract awards were made.
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